About us

Woolfe Holding Inc. is a dynamic company working mainly for large-scale corporate clients. We offer a complete consultancy and service in the establishment of all kinds of Czech business companies, including the sale of READY MADE companies, provision of headquarters and business addresses for your company to our clients. A part of our portfolio of services is also bookkeeping for new companies, preparation of contract documentation and representation in proceedings, litigation or representation at general meetings and their organization. We cooperate with a number of lawyers, tax consultants, notaries, official referees and computer experts in Prague.


The vision of Woolfe Holding Inc. is offering cutting-edge services to the client, while maintaining complete individualization and personal approach. Our goal is designing the most economically appropriate, most effective and as comprehensive solutions as possible and providing quality legal, economic and accounting services. All in an effort to support the client's business with regards to the low costs as well as comfort when overcoming a bureaucratic barrier, of course, in complete trust and confidentiality.