Pricelist of bookkeeping

Price list for bookkeeping and tax records is set in individual cases always according to the individual requirements of each client.

Below are examples of standard lump-sum payments, which can be, however, mutually combined.

We conclude a professional contract for accounting with every client, in which you will be guaranteed prices for individual accounting services from us.

Bookkeeping prices are generally negotiated in the form of flat-rate monthly payments or even a pay for one-time accounting operations.

Flat services


The number of lines in the cost of flat rate price

20 řádků 60 řádků 300 řádků nad 300 řádků

Processing of VAT returns (incl. tax returns)

Payroll Processing

1 zaměstnanec
2 zaměstnanci

Representation before authorities

1 hodina
2 hodiny

Invoicing for the client

3 faktury
10 faktur
20 faktur

Managing data boxes

Management material (economic data)

Sorting and storage of documents

Price of one line beyond the flat rateof a VAT non-payer/payer

20 / 22 Kč 16 / 18 Kč 12 / 14 Kč 8 / 13 Kč

Posting banking operations

4 Kč 4 Kč 4 Kč 4 Kč
VAT payer
590 Kč
Non VAT payer
490 Kč
VAT payer
1 590 Kč
Non VAT payer
1 290 Kč
VAT payer
5 490 Kč
Non VAT payer
4 990 Kč
Monthly fee


Bookkeeping/ tax records

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Price list of separate operations

Tax return of a natural person 500 - 2000 Kč / ks
Tax return of a legal person 2000 - 5000 Kč / ks
Tax return to VAT od 500 Kč / ks
Road tax 250 Kč / auto (min 1000 Kč)
Property tax od 350 Kč
Registration to VAT and other taxes 2000 - 5000 Kč / ks
Settlement of tax from employment od 500 Kč / ks
1 - 10 zaměstnanců 200 Kč / mzdu
11 - 25 zaměstnanců 150 Kč / mzdu
The employment agreement 100 Kč / mzdu
Representation to wages 100 Kč / mzdu
Starting / Ending of an employee 200 Kč
The price of wage includes Pension insurance records, credit certificates, human resources and overviews on the state organization.

If you are interested in information about the use of financial services, please feel free to contact us anytime, we will gladly answer your questions, or you can arrange a no-obligation professional bookkeeping consulting for free!

If you miss any prices in the price list, e.g. tax advice prices, do not hesitate to contact us. Likewise, if you want to be informed about special offer of bookkeeping or about accounting discounts.